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The University Club of Phoenix hosted a reception for Peter Burt. Two hundred photographs were hung in six rooms. All the rooms glowed. If you figure a picture is worth a thousand words, the Club represented two hundred thousand words. Peter Burt spent the evening telling stories about any photograph someone wanted to know about. He feels sorry for the few photos which no one asked their story, so if you find an image you'd like to know about, send Peter an email with your questions. Please copy and paste the image into your email!  
To See the SHOW without the crowd, CLICK HERE

The Reception Photos were taken by Terence Bradlly, a wonderful Denver photographer.

If you noticed the rock Peter is pointing to four images back, in 1994, Peter met this rock on a two lane highway along the Columbia River north of Wenatchee at 110 miles per hour. Peter was NOT speeding; the rock was coming at him at 55 mph. Yes there was broken glass! He claims Divine Intervention was to credit his survival. Needless to say, the rock changed his life and ultimately directed him back to Phoenix and eventually Adrienne, and having enough photographs to hang the show! Thank you!

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