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Photography * Borders on the images are optional
 New York City, Before 911 and After A Carribean Cruise
Moving Event Photos * mp4
Munds Park, AZ 4th of July Parade The Boys turn 11! Cornele Holiday Dinner Office Cleaning? What?

Super Bowl 2009 At Last a Wedding! Dance Recital in Minutes  
I love to make moving Pictures!
For my old eyes, it is better than video,
and sometimes faster!
I will slow down Safiyyah's Dance Recital!
It was one of my first.

 Please have fun listening!
Our All acoustic MUSIC from the 60's & 70's
The MUSIC opens in a new window
so you can continue to look at photos!
100 year Meyer Reunion, 2011, Pittsburgh, PA
The Meyer Family Reunion
This was a fabulous 4 Days!!
Not A Tear! Only Laughter!
A Carribean CruiseHere is a 10 day
Caribbean Journey in 2010
Day by Day Moving Pictures
with Music