a series of introspections


NEW Case Bound
(hard cover)
6 x 9
156 Pages


     From over 30 years of journaling, my process of evolving into a new person has 6 steps. While every ten years the process starts over, I always continue from my latest plateau. The six chapters reflect stages repeating themselves.
     I am again on a journey forward, at another midpoint, looking at my individual truth. I have repeated this process four times.
     I am looking forward now, to discoveries waiting inside me waiting for their moment to emerge.

     My prayer is you find your own process of discovering the power and joy of living, step by step, leap by leap.

     When I started the first journal, my head was filled with arguing voices, telling me opposites, like my parents. I looked around for something to write on, and a journal with a few pages of drawings popped into my hands. I paused and waited for the words to appear on the page, hoping the words agreed by the time my fingers moved. I still write this way when I need answers; I discovered my true inner voice. It took 30 years, but the arguing lessened, and I find more peace from within.

     Listening to my voice share my story, I hear sentences which humble me: "Writing saved my life." "I learned about me from my own handwriting." "I discovered a person I can love and admire." "I am just fine being me."

     I still have two bins of my journals, and if I need to remember how far I have traveled within, I look at the bins with over 4000 pages. I am truly blessed!

Perfect Bound
6 x 9
156 Pages
ISBN 9780974922812

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