I have started a new section:
Stories From The Heart
as I record them.

This was inspired by a dream of my father
Was it a Dream, or ???
I am working on a lifetime of short stories and hope to start posting them here!
Send me and email and I will keep you posted, or just com back again.
It will be a notice on the Soaring Images page!
2019 has started as a wonderful new adventure.
I finished the last draft of
"The Divide"
This story is about the 5 years we lived off the grid.
No electricity or telephone, and water was a 2 mille ditch from the creek.
Wood heat, between 25 and 50 animals, and some neighbors who were hiding from the Sheriff, not to mention each other!
It was 40 years hiding in my memory banks before this nightmare became an adventure,
and the people became friends again.
I did change all the names to protect the guilty!
AND IT WILL BE AN AUDIO BOOK AS WELL, probably released a chapter at a time!