Soft Cover -
Perfect Bound
ISBN 9780974922867

Hard Cover  -
Case Bound 
ISBN 9780974922850

“In a world where we are barraged with images of pain and destruction, what a refreshing relief it is to pick up Mr. Meyer's poetry. His grace and insight after ninety years is something that we should all aspire to have in our lives.
“I find his writing the perfect relief to unwind and focus on what's truly important in life.”  
Erin E. Dunnigan, MD, MBA   Dallas, Texas

“The collection offers contemplation of reactions to occurrences inherent in life …”
Agnes Koury - Arlington, VA


“From True Love to Flowers to Downsize, Robert Meyer captures the truth and beauty in life. Read each one and savor his wisdom and wit.”
Frances Sanders - Wife, Mother, Teacher

“Robert Meyer’s A Personal Perception, is a wonderful collection of poetic insights into everyday events, as well as pondering unknowns to come. I am privileged to put these gems between covers. In doing so, my world has greater depth. 
Thank you for making a difference in my life, Uncle Rob.”
Peter Burt - Publisher, Phoenix, Arizona